Do you remember (#1) …

… the very first single of Growin’Hair ?

It was called “La Terre est ronde” and was one of our favorite songs during gigs.

This track was recorded in May 1997 in Romery (France) with an old 8-track tape recorder, and then released on the very first album of Growin’Hair, which is extremely hard to find today…

Would you like to listen to it again? Here it is, in a a slightly alternative version from 2000 including stupid video ;)

The ParSe project is welcoming you :)

Welcome to you all, folks !

Our brand new web site is finally on-line & we hope you will enjoy it. Our goal here is simple: share with you our new Paris / Seattle music project, called ParSe project.

In this few pages you will be able to find:

And as a special welcome gift, we already offer you to listen to the very first single of our ParSe project, called “Inside you”.
Right now, right here !!

Sooo… have a first look, a first listen & see you back soon… we already love you ;)