Like in every band, several members of ParSe have some solo music projects. This page gathers the releases of Luka. His first demos have been made in the mid 90′s – the distant age of audio tapes and 4-track recorders^^. But actually, years have passed and letters have mixed up… Luka has come back in 2014 with a new solo project, but he has turned into… Klau. Welcome back into his imaginary laboratory…!




  • H0 (11/10/2020)

Come and take a bath into our particle physics issues ;)
And beware, the Higgs boson is watching you!


1. H0
2. DAS blues
3. H0 – instrumental version


  • Our mission (01/04/2018)

What is our mission at INxPx? Just listen to know!!!
And please keep in mind that this song has been created to be an April fool ;)


Full version
Instrumental version


  • Homme machine (25/08/2015)

Are you a human? Are you a machine?
Check it out listening this new single from Klau… Available in full version and instrumental version for French-speaking allergics :)


Full version
Instrumental version


  • Phone love (01/04/2014)

The very first single from Klau, “Phone Love”, is available !!! Be the very first to listen ;)

Phone Lovelisten_nowsoundcloud


  • Arthur (1999)

This is the story of Arthur, by Luka (Les Disques du 22).

©Luka / Les Disques du 22listen_nowsoundcloud

1. Intro
2. Arthur célibataire
3. Réveil
4. Bonitempo
5. Regards
6. Soleil
7. Palpitation
8. Bienvenue
9. Expression
10. Delirium de fou
11. Adieu Arthur


  • CL5 (1996)

Welcome to Luka’s early imaginary laboratory! 100% unreleased tracks, made with a Fostex X-55 Analog 4 Track multitrack Tape recorder <3

©Luka / Les Disques du 22listen_nowsoundcloud

1. Jeudi
2. Gentil garçon
3. La vaisselle
4. Vendredi
5. Les cigales
6. Printemps
7. Funky
8. Samedi
9. Dimanche
10. Song for X
11. Superbass
12. Lundi
13. Démo punk
14. Screaming girls #1
15. Screaming girls #2




  • Anna
    (22.2, GGOO22, 2003)


  • La danse du caméléon (with Choa)
    (Unrealeased, 2001)


  • Enfermement
    (22, Les Disques du 22, 2000)


  • Stereo (unrealeased demo, 1998)


Stereo 1
Stereo 2
Stereo 3


  • Le théâtre des yeux
    (Unrealeased, 1997)


  • Arthur célibataire (démo)
    (Unrealeased, 1996)


  • Les exhibitionnistes
    (Unrealeased, 1996)

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