Years have passed and letters have mixed up…
Luka is coming back in 2014 with a new solo project, but he has turned into… Klau. Welcome back into his imaginary laboratory…!


01/04/2018 → OUR MISSION


What is our mission at INxPx? Just listen to know!!!
And please keep in mind that this song has been created to be an April fool ;)


Full version
Instrumental version



25/08/2015 → HOMME MACHINE

Are you a human? Are you a machine?
Check it out listening this new single from Klau… Available in full version and instrumental version for French-speaking allergics :)


Full version
Instrumental version


01/04/2014 → PHONE LOVE


The very first single from KLAU, “Phone Love”, is available !!! Be the very first to listen ;)

Phone Lovelisten_nowsoundcloud

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