13/05/2017 → LITTLE HORSE (album)


The new ParSe album “LITTLE HORSE” is finally flying :) And now released in all your favorite e-stores !!!
Be sure we put all our heart & soul in these 11 songs… Hope you will enjoy them!


1. Little horse
2. ParSuaders
3. Février
4. Février – part 2
5. The man at the bakery store
6. Homme machine – ParSed
7. Trump ET
8. Song 8
9. Yoyohu
10. Little horse – part 2
11. Little horse – come back to me


23/01/2017 → THE MAN AT THE BAKERY STORE (single)


ParSe is about to release its second album! Here is one of these new songs in preview…



01/02/2015 → PERSUADERS (single extended version)


ParSe is coming back with a new single “Persuaders” ! Hope u will enjoy our new electro-alternative sound !!



29/01/2014 → AEDICULAM (EP)


The very first ParSe EP album “AEDICULAM” is now released in all your favorite e-stores !!!
But it will also be available here for some time, especially for you and your gentle ears ;)


1. Inside you
2. Come back
3. We will find
4. Neutron line
5. Wide open
6. Alive


22/01/2014 → INSIDE YOU (single)


The very first ParSe single “Inside you” is available !!! Be the very first to listen ;)



  1. Ultra sour & sweet waves. And that voice –that voice–, and those choruses, uh and those cords, that rhythm, these gorgeous precious notes… hum, I’m just thinking : keep’em coming!

  2. super top ! je vais peut etre en parler sur mon blog

  3. NNOOONNNNNN!!!!!!!! stopeez vôtre travail et devenez pro sérieux!!!!
    les cavités attendrons^^

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