ParSe – WHO ARE WE ?




ParSe is a new music project that brings together drum kitseveral musicians mainly from Paris (France) and Seattle (US).

Everything started in the early 90′s when the different ParSe members began to play music in student bands like The Candles, Prika or The Bullets. These first attempts quickly gave birth to two bands Chut! and Growin’Hair, together with several solo projects like Choa, Luka or Plan B. After about 10 years of intense activity, including the creation and management of the independent recording production label “Les Disques du 22 / Ggoo22″, most of these bands eventually split up… Life is not always easy is it?

But guess what ? We are back!!!  With our new cross-oceanic music project, ParSe!! Our goal is simple:  have fun and share our music.  Hope you will enjoy it ;)


RABI → the heart of ParSe




Rabi is → Xavier D.

Birth date → Feb. 1972

Living place → Montreuil (France)

ParSe main role → vocals, song-writing, all yukulele like instruments

Also → former member of Chut!


CHOA → the brain of ParSe




Choa is → François J.

Birth date → Oct. 1971

Living place → Malakoff (France)

ParSe main role → guitars, piano, organ,  song-writing, some vocals

Also → former member of Choa, Chut!, Plan B


LUKA → the soul of ParSe




Luka is → Jean-Luc B.

Birth date → July 1972

Living place → Vauhallan (France)

ParSe main role → bass, songwriting,  some other instruments & vocals, mixing & arrangements, artworks

Also → Klau & former member of Chut!, Growin’Hair, Luka


JAMES → the hands of ParSe




James is → James VL

Birth date → April 1972

Living place → Seattle (US)

ParSe main role → drums, songwriting

Also → former member of Automaton, Sub Debs, Plan B


RENO → the ears of ParSe




Reno is → Renaud P.

Birth date → Classified info :)

Living place → Paris (France)

ParSe main role→ coquelicot ;)

Also → former audio engineer of Chut!, guitars for many bands e.g. Katmay


DJOULE → the feet of ParSe




Djoule is → Julien C.

Birth date → April 1972

Living place → Paris (France)

ParSe main role → glowing !

Also → former member of Chut!, Plan B


  1. How do you say les beaux gosses in english?


  3. aaaaah ouais d’accord mais je les connais les p’tits filous ! bon ben du coup vous avez gagné un fan

  4. c’est une belle étoile de tomber sur vous dans la nuit… on vous entend, on vous voit, on vous sent, on vous ressent… un peu comme avant… bref, vous supprimez l’espace temps et ça ne fait pas de mal… merci, et bonnes et longues vibrations à ParSe project

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